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  1. Lauren Goode, LMT, NCTMB
    July 14, 2009 @ 7:11 pm

    Case Study 1- "Rub my shoulders, rub my shoulders, rub my shoulders".

    Melanie, a mid-twenties college intern arrived at the office for a half-hour massage. She reported that she had pain on the left posterior shoulder, half-way between the scapula and spine.

    Test findings included limited and painful lateral flexion to the right (read: taking the right ear down to the right shoulder) as well as painful and limited rotation to the left.

    Melanie presented with an elevated left shoulder, anterior head carriage, and internally rotated shoulders. Melanaie's right scapula (read: shoulder blade) presented with a mild wing (read: where the medial border is elevated from the ribcage and fully abducted)

    Melanie uses a computer at least 10 hours per day.

    Treatment: Time- 30 minutes, Positions: Supine, Prone & Side-Lying. After general warming by way of effleurage, compressions and fascial glides, we cleared (read: a technique where muscles are pinned to the bone and frictioned) around the Occiput, Spine, Scapula, Clavical and Deltoid Tuberosity. Two tender/ trigger points (read: knots) were found and released in upper trapezius and levator scapula. Melanie then turned on her right side for mobilization and pin/ stretch of the left shoulder girdle. Melanie elevated her shoulder towards her ear against resistance, and then was stretched further into depression. She then did the same activity for external rotation.

    The same was repeated to the right side.

    The treatment ended with pin and strectch to pectoralis, biceps, and subscapularis.

    Post-treatment Melanie increased her ability to rotate to the left, laterally flex to the right, pain was no longer reported, and the shoulder height was almost equal.

    Melanie was sent home with self-care tasks including, extra water, a hot shower or bath that she could soak the shoulders in, as well as the "door jam" series of stretching for pecs, and seated trap stretches.


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