Spring marks the end of a hibernation period and a time of fruition both in nature and in society.  As green returns to the flora, we begin to put in motion all the projects, ideas, and  activities that have been gestating throughout the winter.   Many people find Spring an optimal time for rejuvenation.  We see many people running and walking in the parks, we see advertisements for “Spring Cleanses” at our healthcare stores, and the athletic clubs get busier and more full. Here’s a glimpse at the new growth found in Bodhiwork this Spring:

New Website
Kim Rae Lyle Creative  is busy working on the newborn site:
Thanks to her endeavors and the feedback of many friends of Bodhiwork, the domain name and site content are coming to fruition.

The Coach House on Dempster Street

A beautiful urban oasis cleverly disguised as a Coach House has been procured and client feedback is unanimous: “It is perfect!”
(seen at right)

In the Community

Bodhiwork joins up with Mather Lifeways, a unique not-for-profit company offering care to older adults, to provide staff members with much needed stress-reducing and pain relieving massage tune ups.