The path of this recent Soma graduate has led to the creation of

[ insert drum roll here ]

wellness wherever you are!

Therapeutic massage services include:

  • onsite corporate chair massage
  • sports events
  • fundraising events
  • conventions & tradeshows
  • spa/ wellness parties
  • charity volunteerism
  • at home self-care

What’s up with the name “Bodhiwork”?

Bodhi (pronounced ‘boadee’) is a sanskrit word that means perfect or enlightened mind, a spirit without conflict, and also references the Buddha. “Bodhiwork” is a play on “Bodywork” which is exactly what my practice is all about. Helping people center their minds & bodies through massage therapy and selfcare. In doing so they will have more energy, longevity, stability, immunity and raise their sense of overall well being.

Why an Eastern/ Western name? Why not “Goodehands” or “Beck & Call Massage”?

Hee hee. I thought l o n g and hard about this business model and where I’d like to see it go in the next 5-10 years… I came up with all kinds of names from the truly ridiculous [see: “Beck & Call Massage” or “Goode Vibrations”… LOL] to ones that held some compelling fragments. I see myself as a lover of both Western Clinical Science and Eastern Holistic Medicine– this love is my Yin & Yang– and I fully intend to carry this passion into my practice.

What’s up next?

I am starting to train in more Eastern Modalities like Thai Massage & Zen Shiatsu, as well as singling out some outreach volunteer opportunities with organizations who help the terminally ill. I’ll be attending the AMTA IL State conference in April at the Lisle Wyndham and hope to get more involved with the local chapter.

thanks.for.reading.see. you.soon.