Under the Illinois “Assumed Name” Act, sole proprietors who are performing business with a moniker which differs from what is on their birth certificate must register this name (or “mark”) with the County Clerk.

So I’m hopping around on David Orr’s (for those who don’t know- he is the Cook County Clerk) site trying to get the lay of the land and I see that I can register my “mark” so I hop over to Jesse White’s page (Secretary of State) and along with my application… I need to submit 3 examples of “my mark”.

I am such a fan of multi-tasking that I decided to use this opportunity to design a postcard which would basically explain what I do to members of the public. Now, mind you this is only a 1st draft, so don’t **”marry the design” but I think the basic elements are there.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions, or even biting criticism disguised as humor, post a comment below.

** Side Note: This was my college costume designer’s favorite slogan. “Don’t marry your design… or you’ll cry like a baby when it gets ripped apart”!