On Saturday, March 7th, Northwestern University’s “Dance Marathon 2009″ raised a record-breaking $917,834 for Project Kindle with the help of over 1000 NU students. I was there to help!
We wheeled our massage chairs into the “Dance Marathon Spa” at NU and set up a booth for Evanston’s The Rub: Relaxing Urban Bodyworks.
During the event, student after student sat in my chair. All sizes, shapes, and colors with one thing in common… giant fist-sized rocks on either side of their necks. Those with the trendy “messenger” bags had uni-lateral humps, and those with their “old school” back packs sported symmetrical knottage– Which my elbow, palm, forearm, and thumb attempted to tame for 8 hours.

[For those of you out there with a clinical background you’ll know the area I am speaking of– where Trap meets Levator Scapula at the ever-so-tender superior angle of the scapula.]

But these bulges.of.steel are not confined to attacking only student shoulders… anyone who holds a phone to their ear via the shoulder, carries an “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” sized purse, Laptop bag, briefcase, or spends more than 20 minutes per day on the computer can also enjoy these painful rock formations.

This results in slouching postures, tension headaches, as well as weakness, coldness, and numbness in the arms and hands.

The moral of this story is to stretch, stretch, stretch, “lighten your load” whenever possible, change phone, and bag positions, and take frequent breaks. Regular massage doesn’t hurt either 🙂