A healthy being is

grounded, flexible, and nourished to grow

For everybody and every body part there is a cup!

Cups are designed in different sizes, shapes, and out of various materials to give different levels of suction

(aka: upward pressure)




As you will see, none of the cups require an open flame to work. The heat that you feel during the session is generated from your own body! Open each item to learn more:

  • These small glass cups use an aspirator bulb to generate the lightest suction of all the cups. These cups are used for the face, neck, and in the tiny crevices between the bones of the hands and feet for lymphatic drainage.  

  • These medium-sized glass cups also use an aspirator bulb, and provide the next level of suction. They work wonders on the neck, shoulders, and pecs. They are also used for lymphatic drainage and to break up scar tissue.

  • The blue silicone cups provide more suction than the Bells and are lighter and more flexible than the clear set. These cups are used for massage cupping.


  • These silicone cups are stronger and more rigid than the blue set. They are also used for dynamic techniques and for pin and stretch/joint release (dynamic cupping), to warm up the tissue, help identify adhesions, and also to drain lymph after deeper therapies. This is my go-to set for effective fascial release.

  • The nickname for this set is “the bake set.”

    These age-resistant plastic resin cups are powered by a pump (in the shape of a gun) that attaches to a small valve on the top of the cup.  They provide the highest level of suction and are the easiest to adjust.

    They also have removable bio-magnets that are used for blanketing techniques (i.e., needle-less acupuncture).  There is a special hose attachment for the gun so that they can be used for massage techniques, and they also are placed in static positions (stationary cupping) to help “bake” the area.


  • These very small and ridiculously cute cups are the perfect answer for the feet, ankles, hands, wrists, and forearms. 

    The cutest cups on the market!


More coming soon!